Thursday, June 26, 2008

chock full of rock

My life used to be full of rock - concerts every week, total band preoccupation. Now? Not so much, but last week was a throwback. 3 shows, 2 even in one night. First up was R.E.M. at MSG. A total delight. It seems like I've loved this band forever, but sometimes I forget just how much Peter Buck's guitar stylings are my favorite. Anytime I can sing along to the riffs with as much or more enthusiasm as the melody I'm in heaven. Don't get me wrong, I love Michael Stipe too. Does any other lead singer sound as great basically whining at top volume? I mean that with the greatest warmth and respect. He sounded unbelievable all evening, but I was particularly impressed with the way he just howled out "The One I Love". It was magical. And Mike Mills not only played fabulously, but he was also sexy as hell. Who knew that "Harborcoat" would propel me out of my seat with such ferocity? I shook my stuff so hard I almost took out the guy to left and to the front of me.

Then onto Sloan. Seeing them is like eating my favorite meal, so I really like seeing them. This show could have been ruined by Patrick's hat and also a terribly inconsiderate and tall asshole who decided he needed to be right in front of us. In a nice break from tradition he was so pathetic that the absurdness of the situation was more humorous than annoying. His excuse when pressed was that his ex-girlfriend used to sleep with Chris so he needed to be right up front. What for? To measure up Chris' crotch? Very funny stuff. Especially when Lola gave him a verbal smackdown when he tried the same move a few songs later. I also enjoyed the stuffing out of the group of boys who sang "Witch's Wand" like it was written for them, handclaps and all. Chris trying to pull off a frontman routine during "She Says What She Means" was the cherry on this comedy sundae. Forget the UCB folks!

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