Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm addicted to sweets and proud of it!

One of my newer favorite things on TV are the fabulous documentaries BBC America airs on Sunday night. The first one I caught was "Love me, Love my Doll" about men who replace human companionship with full size silicone women called Real Dolls. My favorite quote is from a very sweet gentlemen who claims he could never have the same relationship he enjoys with his Real Doll with an "organic woman". All of the docs have an inclusive tone which I really enjoy. The filmmakers aren't trying to put their subjects on a freak show display, but trying to show that everyone has something a little odd about them whether it's their voracious appetite for sex or preoccupation with their smallish boobs.

So last night I watched "Transvestite Wives" about you guessed it, husbands and boyfriends who like to dress up like women. It was very sweet even though the wigs were frankly disgraceful. Also I think Rachel could do with a little lipstick. C'mon Rachel it's your fortieth birthday, even I put on a full face for a party! At one point one of the couples take out their pre-op friend Roxy for her first public foray in daylight. Congratulations Roxy, but you might want to think about nailing down walking around as a women before you actually take steps to become one permanently. Actually Roxy inspired me. Right after the program I went out to John's, my local bodega, and bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream. Then in a very green moment I turned down a shopping bag and walked back to my house pint in hand, head held high, despite the knowing looks from my neighbors. That's right Greenpoint, I'm single lady who enjoys ice cream and plans to polish this pint (with a little help from Jane) off tonight. And guess what? I like fluffy cats too. They didn't even know that I had already indulged that very day in a lovely double scoop at our local outpost of the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Not to mention a delicious cookie sandwich from the Treats Truck.

Hopefully this was positive sign that I'm increasingly more comfortable with myself and not that I really belong on an episode of Intervention.

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